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Bert DeWayne Morris
herec, producent

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Diskuze - Wayne Morris

Filmy a seriály

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Hraje - Wayne Morris
1936Here Comes Carter
King of Hockey
China Clipper
Polo Joe
1937Submarine D-1
Once a Doctor
Land Beyond the Law
Kid Galahad74%
1938Love, Honor and Behave
Brother Rat
The Kid Comes Back
1939The Kid from Kokomo64%
1940Double Alibi
Brother Rat and a Baby
Flight Angels
The Quarterback
An Angel from Texas
Ladies Must Live
Gambling on the High Seas
1941Bad Men of Missouri
Three Sons o' Guns
I Wanted Wings64%
'Smiling Ghost, The'
1947The Voice of the Turtle
1948The Ed Sullivan Show (seriál) 76%
 - XI/13
The Time of Your Life
The Big Punch
1949The House Across the Street
A Kiss in the Dark
John Loves Mary
1950Johnny One-Eye
The Tougher They Come
Stage to Tucson
1951Sierra Passage
Yellow Fin
The Big Gusher
1952The Ford Television Theatre (seriál) 76%
 - The Clay Pigeon IV/35
Desert Pursuit
Arctic Flight
The Bushwhackers
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (seriál) 75%
 - Sea Captain VIII/1
1953Texas Bad Man
The Marksman
Star of Texas
The Fighting Lawman
1954Riding Shotgun
Two Guns and a Badge
The Desperado
Port of Hell
1955The Green Buddha
The Lonesome Trail
Damon Runyon Theater (seriál) 81%
 - The Mink Doll I/13
Příběhy Alfreda Hitchcocka (seriál) 88%
 - A Personal Matter IV/15 65%
The Master Plan
Lord of the Jungle
Cross Channel
Science Fiction Theatre (seriál) 77%
 - Beam of Fire II/15
Gunsmoke (seriál) 78% zítra HRT3 18.00, ..., ...
 - Dirt III/25
1956The Gelignite Gang
The Adventures of the Big Man (seriál)
1957Official Detective (seriál)
 - The Cover-Up I/39
Wagon Train (seriál) 78%
 - The Tent City Story II/10
The Crooked Sky
Plunder Road
Colt .45 (seriál) 80%
 - A Time to Die I/2
Maverick (seriál) 82%
 - Prey of the Cat II/12 76%
1958Lawman (seriál) 73%
 - The Master I/13
Bat Masterson (seriál) 73%
 - Battle of the Pass I/20
The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen (seriál)
 - Confession of Murder I/27
Bronco (seriál) 69%
 - Shadow of a Man I/18
Wanted: Dead or Alive (seriál) 73%
 - Secret Ballot I/24
1959Bourbon Street Beat (seriál) 80%
Adventures in Paradise (seriál) 83%
 - The Archer's Ring I/14
1960New Comedy Showcase (seriál)
1961Buffalo Gun

Produkce - Wayne Morris
1951Sierra Passage
Yellow Fin
1952Desert Pursuit
Arctic Flight

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