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Rodné jméno
Robert Joseph Wilke
Další jména
Robert Wilkie, Bob Wilkie, Robert Wilke, Bob Wilke
18. května 1914, Býk
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
herec, producent
28. března 1989, 74 let
Los Angeles, California, USA

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Diskuze - Robert J. Wilke

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Hraje - Robert J. Wilke
1936San Francisco73%
1937That Man's Here Again
San Quentin64%
S.O.S. Coast Guard
1938International Crime
Come On, Rangers
The Fighting Devil Dogs
1939Woman Doctor
Jeepers Creepers
Daredevils of the Red Circle
S.O.S. Tidal Wave
Star Reporter
Street of Missing Men
In Old Monterey
Man of Conquest
1940Adventures of Red Ryder
Hit Parade of 1941
Grand Ole Opry
1941Tuxedo Junction
Country Fair
Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.
1942Spy Smasher
Bells of Capistrano
1943The Fighting Devil Dogs
California Joe
The Masked Marvel
Mountain Rhythm
Pistol Packin' Mama
1944The Fighting Seabees
The Big Bonanza
Cowboy and the Senorita
Stagecoach to Monterey
The Tiger Woman
Sheriff of Las Vegas
Vigilantes of Dodge City
Zorro's Black Whip
Faces in the Fog
Code of the Prairie
Cheyenne Wildcat
Rosie the Riveter
Beneath Western Skies
Captain America67%
Haunted Harbor
Hidden Valley Outlaws
Firebrands of Arizona
The Yellow Rose of Texas
Call of the Rockies
The San Antonio Kid
Bordertown Trail
Marshal of Reno
Sheriff of Sundown
1945Santa Fe Saddlemates
Lone Texas Ranger
Bandits of the Badlands
Trail of Kit Carson
Earl Carroll Vanities
Great Stagecoach Robbery
The Daltons Ride Again
Sheriff of Cimarron
Bells of Rosarita
Rough Riders of Cheyenne
The Purple Monster Strikes
Hitchhike to Happiness
Man from Oklahoma
Sunset in El Dorado
Corpus Christi Bandits
The Topeka Terror
1946Traffic in Crime
Out California Way
Rendezvous with Annie
The Inner Circle
The Crimson Ghost
Roaring Rangers
Daughter of Don Q
The Catman of Paris
The Phantom Rider
Passkey to Danger
Badman's Territory
King of the Forest Rangers
White Tie and Tails
1947The Vigilantes Return
Twilight on the Rio Grande
The Pilgrim Lady
The Ghost Goes Wild
The Michigan Kid
Buck Privates Come Home73%
Web of Danger
The Black Widow
West of Dodge City
Last Days of Boot Hill
Law of the Canyon
1948G-Men Never Forget65%
Desperadoes of Dodge City
Trail to Laredo
Sundown in Santa Fe
West of Sonora
Six-Gun Law
River Lady
Carson City Raiders
The Wreck of the Hesperus
Dangers of the Canadian Mounted
Daredevils of the Clouds
Homicide for Three
1949Federal Agents vs. Underworld, Inc.
The James Brothers of Missouri
The Lone Ranger (seriál) 79%
The Wyoming Bandit
Ghost of Zorro
Flaming Fury
1950Outcasts of Black Mesa
The Desert Hawk
Frontier Outpost
Beyond the Purple Hills
Kill the Umpire
The Traveling Saleswoman
The Blonde Bandit
Across the Badlands
Mule Train
The Gene Autry Show (seriál) 69%
Twilight in the Sierras
The Cisco Kid (seriál) 74%
1951Pistol Harvest
Vengeance Valley57%
Overland Telegraph
Abbott a Costtello (seriál) 83%
 - The Paperhangers II/1 76%
Sky King (seriál) 77%
 - Stage Coach Robbers I/3
His Kind of Woman
No Questions Asked54%
Boston Blackie (seriál) 77%
 - The Alibi II/20
Saddle Legion
Schlitz Playhouse (seriál) 81%
Best of the Badmen61%
Bonanza Town
The Roy Rogers Show (seriál) 73%
The Range Rider (seriál) 81%
Cyclone Fury
Hot Lead
Red Ryder (seriál)
1952Laramie Mountains
Wyoming Roundup
Cattle Town
Death Valley Days (seriál) 70%
Carbine Williams69%
Cowboy G-Men (seriál) 64%
The Las Vegas Story58%
Four Star Playhouse (seriál) 75%
The Maverick
Road Agent
V pravé poledne79%
Adventures of Superman (seriál) 76%
 - Perry White's Scoop II/19 82%
Cavalcade of America (seriál) 88%
 - Wild April V/5
1953Cow Country
Odtud až na věčnost76%
Bandits of the West
Your Favorite Story (seriál) 76%
 - Empty Holster III/9
Powder River66%
Mírová smlouva59%
1954Two Guns and a Badge
Disneyland (seriál) 82%
20 000 mil pod mořem72%
Lassie (seriál) 66%
 - The Deer Hunter II/31
Osamělý pistolník58%
Vzdálená země72%
1955Smoke Signal
Screen Directors Playhouse (seriál) 71%
 - Partners I/29
Gunsmoke (seriál) 78%
Cheyenne (seriál) 79%
Son of Sinbad
The Rawhide Years
Strange Lady in Town55%
1956Canyon River
Gun the Man Down61%
Raw Edge
The Lone Ranger
Psané ve větru75%
The Vagabond King
Špatný úder66%
The Adventures of Jim Bowie (seriál) 76%
 - The Bound Girl I/36
1957Zorro (seriál) 83%
Colt .45 (seriál) 80%
 - Long Odds I/26
Noční přepadení67%
The Walter Winchell File (seriál) 82%
 - A Thing of Beauty: File #29 II/8
Man Without a Gun (seriál) 84%
 - Buried Treasure I/27
Tales of Wells Fargo (seriál) 75%
Perry Mason (seriál) 81%
 - The Case of the Drowsy Mosquito VII/3 75%
The Court of Last Resort (seriál) 60%
 - The Westover Case I/13
Tombstone Territory (seriál) 85%
Wagon Train (seriál) 78%
Captain David Grief (seriál)
 - A Son of the Sun I/1
Have Gun - Will Travel (seriál) 78%
The Thin Man (seriál) 67%
 - The Duke of Sing Sing I/2
Hot Summer Night
The Tarnished Angels73%
Maverick (seriál) 82%
1958Bronco (seriál) 69%
 - The Last Letter IV/12
77 Sunset Strip (seriál) 79%
 - Stranger from the Sea V/23
Peter Gunn (seriál) 81%
 - The Long, Long Ride II/24 67%
The Texan (seriál) 83%
Muž ze Západu72%
U.S. Marshal (seriál) 71%
Návrat do Warbow56%
Bat Masterson (seriál) 73%
Cimarron City (seriál) 77%
 - Medicine Man I/5
Lawman (seriál) 73%
Wanted: Dead or Alive (seriál) 73%
The Rifleman (seriál) 74%
 - The Pet I/15
 - The Marshal I/4
1959Shotgun Slade (seriál) 75%
 - The Laughing Widow II/10
Wichita Town (seriál) 69%
Riverboat (seriál) 78%
Never Steal Anything Small
The Untouchables (seriál) 76%
The Third Man (seriál) 77%
 - The Trouble at Drill Hill I/6
Bonanza (seriál) 72%
The Deputy (seriál) 74%
 - Badge for a Day I/1
Rawhide (seriál) 76%
Adventures in Paradise (seriál) 83%
 - The Jonah Stone II/24
Law of the Plainsman (seriál) 78%
 - Desperate Decision I/7
Laramie (seriál) 77%
Bourbon Street Beat (seriál) 80%
The Man and the Challenge (seriál) 80%
 - The Visitors I/15
The Westerner (seriál) 70%
 - The Old Man I/8
The Slowest Gun in the West
Sedm statečných80%
The Tall Man (seriál) 85%
 - The Last Resource I/26
My Three Sons (seriál) 69%
Outlaws (seriál) 74%
 - Night Riders II/5
Stagecoach West (seriál) 87%
 - The Brass Lily I/15
1961Ripcord (seriál) 89%
The Long Rope
The Dick Powell Show (seriál) 74%
Target: The Corruptors (seriál) 79%
 - Goodbye Children I/35
Blueprint for Robbery
Frontier Circus (seriál) 79%
 - Winter Quarters I/8
King of Diamonds (seriál) 79%
1962The Lucy Show (seriál) 73%
 - Lucy Takes Up Golf II/17 74%
The Beachcomber (seriál) 79%
Sam Benedict (seriál) 66%
The Virginian (seriál) 74%
1963The Gun Hawk
The Greatest Show on Earth (seriál) 76%
 - No Middle Ground for Harry Kyle I/3
The Fugitive (seriál) 80%
 - Wine Is a Traitor IV/8 65%
1964Shock Treatment
Fate Is the Hunter
Daniel Boone (seriál) 75%
1965The Wild Wild West (seriál) 77%
 - The Night of the Arrow III/16 61%
Cesta spásy66%
The Legend of Jesse James (seriál) 75%
1966R.C.M.P. and the Treasure of Genghis Khan
The Monroes (seriál) 75%
 - Killer Cougar I/21
1967Rango (seriál) 66%
 - It Ain't the Principle, It's the Money I/12
Tony Rome
The Guns of Will Sonnett (seriál) 69%
Neúplatný (seriál) 73%
El Magnifico extranjero
1968Lancer (seriál) 66%
 - Chase a Wild Horse I/3
1969The Desperate Mission
1970The Most Deadly Game (seriál) 35%
 - Who Killed Kindness? I/5
Cheyennský klub69%
1971A Gunfight64%
They Call It Murder
The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler
1972The Rookies (seriál) 67%
 - The Rookies I/0 72%
Kung Fu (seriál) 77%
 - An Eye for an Eye I/4 81%
Chlapec, který spatřil vlkodlaka43%
1975Starsky a Hutch (seriál) 70%
 - Omaha Tiger I/18 70%
1976The Quest (seriál) 77%
 - Dynasty of Evil I/13
1978Wild and Wooly
Nebeské dny79%
Dallas (seriál) 68%
 - The Dove Hunt III/6 77%
1979B.J. and the Bear (seriál) 64%
The Great Monkey Rip-Off
The Sweet Creek County War
2005The Naked Archaeologist (seriál) 66%
 - Who Were the Danites II/23

Produkce - Robert J. Wilke
1979The Great Monkey Rip-Off

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